Assistant Professor Developmental Psychopathology

Radboud University

Anna Lichtwarck-Aschoff


I was born in the southern part of Germany and moved all the way up to the northern part of the Netherlands to study psychology in Groningen. I received my PhD from the University of Groningen at the department of Developmental Psychology in 2008. Currently, I am working as an assistant professor in the research program Developmental Psychopathology. Generally, I am not so interested in whether certain interventions work but how they work. That is, I am mainly focusing on general processes and mechanisms of change informed by non-linear dynamic systems theories across diagnostic categories and different treatment modalities. Eventually I hope that by understanding individual processes of change we will be able to personalize and tailor treatments to the specific and changing needs of individual clients.

  • Idiographic methods
  • Personalized Health Care
  • PhD in Social Science, 2008

    Groningen University