3.6 Modeling interactions between processes and agents

3.6.1 The Competetive Lottka-Volterra Equations

The coupled predator-prey dynamics in the previous assignment are not a very realistic model of an actual ecological system. Both equations are exponential growth functions, but Rabbits for example, also have to eat! One way to increase realism is to consider coupled logistic growth by introducing a carrying capacity.

  • Follow the link to this Wiki page and try to model the system!

This is what interaction dynamics refers to, modeling mutual dependiencies using the if ... then conditional rules isn’t really about interaction, or coupling between processes.

3.6.2 Predator-Prey (and other) dynamics as Agent Based Models

Agent-Based models are an expansion of the idea of “connected growers” that includes a spatial location of the things that is subject to change over time.

Have a look at some of the NETlogo demo’s: