We used R!

This text was transformed to HTML, PDF en ePUB using bookdown(Xie, 2016a) in RStudio, the graphical user interface of the statistical language R (R Core Team, 2016). bookdown makes use of the R version of markdown called Rmarkdown (Allaire et al., 2016), together with knitr (Xie, 2016c) and pandoc.

We’ll use some web applications made in Shiny (Chang, Cheng, Allaire, Xie, & McPherson, 2016)

Other R packages used are: DT (Xie, 2016b), htmlTable (Gordon, 2016), plyr (Wickham, 2016a), dplyr (Wickham & Francois, 2016),tidyr (Wickham, 2016b), png (Urbanek, 2013), rio (C. Chan & Leeper, 2016).