A.4 Time series analyses in R

In this book you can find some tips on plotting time series (see section Working with time series in R) and we will be using package casnet as our main tool for analyses. However, if you really want a deep dive into everything related to time series in R be sure to check the CRAN task view on time series: https://cran.r-project.org/web/views/TimeSeries.html

Installing casnet

To install casnet you need to have package devtools or remotes installed and call the following code from the commands line:

devtools::install_github("FredHasselman/casnet", dependencies = TRUE)

# or equivalently
remotes::install_github("FredHasselman/casnet", dependencies = TRUE)

If all goes well this should install the package and all the packages it depends on. If the vignette build fails, don’t worry, you can access them through the casnet website under Articles.